UnifiedPost offers a whole range of eInvoicing solutions in B2G, B2B, and B2C market segments.  

B2G: most European goverment eInvoicing services are covered: Peppol, Simplerinvoicing, ChorusPro, Italy, Spain,…

B2B: Most common standards are supported: UBL, SI-UBL, EDI, IDOC...  

B2C: End customer solutions, both multi-sender environements like Zoomit, Doccle, Itspaid , as well as Sender specific invoice reception environments. 

 Outbound eInvoices  Date
   Peppol BIS Yes
   Other formats : SimplerInvoicing  
Inbound eInvoices  
   Peppol BIS Yes
   Other formats : SimplerInvoicing  


Partner's website : UnifiedPost

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