eFactori is an invoicing solution designed specifically for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and businesses. This software has a user-friendly web interface that offers both simplicity and power. Besides the basic features, our programme offers many additional applications to meet your specific needs, making it a complete tool for your business.

All sales invoices are created in PDF and UBL format (Peppol). Integration of purchase invoices in UBL format is also included as standard.


Outbound eInvoices   Date
   Peppol BIS Immediately
   Other formats  

     1. UBL-SI
     2. UBL NLCIUS
     3. UBL Xrechnung
     4. CII BIS V3

Inbound eInvoices    
   Peppol BIS Immediately
   Other formats  

     1. PDFL
     2. UBL-SI
     3. UBL NLCIUS
     4. UBL Xrechnung
     5. CII BIS V3

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