Tradeinterop connects organisations to the Peppol network so they can send and/or receive e-invoices. In addition, they offer support in supplier onboarding, to increase the number of received e-invoices.

Software suppliers can also connect to Peppol via Tradeinterop. With Tradeinterop's solution, they can easily allow their software users to e-invoice directly from the software.


Outgoing eInvoices  Date
   Peppol BIS Already available
   Other formats  

     1. Sl-UBL
     2. NLCIUS
     3. cXML

Already available
Incoming eInvoices  Date
   Peppol BIS Already available
   Other formats   
     1. SI-UBL
     2. NLCIUS
     3. UN/CEFACT
     4. SAP lDoc
     5. HR-XML
     6. Energie e-factuur
     7. INSBOU
     8. SALES
     9. DICO
   10. SETU
   11. XRechnung
   12. cXML
   13. EDIFACT
   14. Various specific formats
Already available
Other streams
   1. e-Ordering
   2. MLR
Partner's website : Tradeinterop

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