Trinergy Portaal

Trinergy Portaal

The Trinergy portal is a SAAS solution including the following functions :

  • Fully automatic handling of incoming vendor invoices through email integration or deposit on the vendor ‘hub’
  • Full reading of invoice content regardless of invoice format
  • Machine learning improves data interpretation over time for more accuracy
  • Included web based approval cycle with automated workflow and various business rules
  • Outgoing API to numerous accounting systems enabling full integration

Specialized in the multi site management such as retail, real estate property management, banks,…


 Outbound eInvoices  Date
   PEPPOL BIS 2  End 2020
   PEPPOL BIS 3 2021
   Other formats   
     UBL.BE Invoice 3.0  
Inbound eInvoices  
   PEPPOL BIS 2  Yes
   Other formats   
     UBL / EFFF / Smart Parsing  
Other streams  

Outgoing API with numerous accounting systems

Partner's website : Trinergy Portaal

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